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Name Description Season Height  
Albatross Large white flowers open from pink buds. Sweetly scented.
 Late 2m
Alice Hennessy  Pink buds open white inside, pale pink on outer petal. Wavy edged lobes.
Mid 1.5m
arboreum ssp. cinnamomeum   White flowers in rounded truss. Leaves have cinnamon indumentums.
Early 1.5m  
arboreum - White Pink buds open to neat tight trusses of white flowers.
Early 1.5m
Avalanche Fragrant flowers, white with a wine blotch.

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Early 2m
Cream Glory  Deep buttery cream flowers with satiny texture and large calyx.
Mid  1.2m
Crest  Bright sunny yellow flowers. Heavy limbs become exposed with age.

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 Mid 2m
China  Large, cream florets accentuated with red centres.
Mid 1.5m
Diane Rich emerald green leaves, cream tinged yellow flowers.
Early/Mid 1.5m
Fred Wynniatt A blend of soft rose and golden yellow. Upright growth habit.
Mid 1.5m
Hayden Tasker Apricot buds open to large, creamy yellow flowers, wavy margins. Mid 1.5m
Herb Tasker Large trusses of very pale pink flowers. Compact, vigorous growth.
Mid 2m
King’s Cream Large, rich cream, funnel shaped flowers on a compact plant. Mid/Late 1.5m
Kiwi Magic Compact plant. Frilled flowers, pink/yellow blend - deep apricot.
 Mid 1.5m
Lalique Large, white tinged pink blooms held in huge upright trusses.
Mid 2m
Lester McKee  Huge soft pink florets with a buff/cream blush.
Mid 1.8m
Letty Edwards  Creamy yellow flowers held in rounded trusses. Compact plant.
Mid 1.5m
Loderi Buckingham Palace Large white flowers tinged pink. Sweetly scented.
Mid 2m
Loderi Fairyland Pink buds open to expose fragrant white flowers. Mid 2m
Loderi King George Opens very soft pink fading to white, fragrant flowers. Large trusses.
Mid 2m
Loderi Patience One of the whiter flowered Loderis. Large, fragrant trusses. Nice foliage. Mid 2m
Loderi Pink Diamond One of the pinkest of the ‘Loderi’ group. Large fragrant flowers.  Mid 2m
Loderi Pink Topaz  Fragrant, very soft pink flowers with faint green throat. Mid 2m
Loderi Sir Edmund Very fragrant, large, pastel pink flowers.
Mid 2m
Loderi Venus Deepest pink of the Loderi group. Extremely fragrant, large trusses. Mid 2m
Macpac x Walloper Most attractive white tomentum. Pink buds open white.

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Mid 80cm  
Midnight Mystique  Showy, silvery grey flower centres, edges dark purple. Gold throat.
Mid 1.2m
Mollie Coker Bright pink, fragrant flowers, frilled and wine red in throat. Large trusses. Mid 2m
Porcelain Doll Soft pink margins, yellow in petal centres, red spotting upper lobe.  Late 1.8m
Puget Sound  Fragrant, large pink ruffled flowers on a vigorous growing plant. Mid 2m
Roza Stevenson Striking, large, lemon yellow flowers. Rounded, glossy leaves.

Out of stock!
Mid 1.8m
Spiced Honey Apricot bud opens to soft creamy yellow, maroon at base of throat. Mid 1.5m
Starbright Champagne Long, pointed petals, champagne coloured flower prominent red throat Early/Mid 1.2m
Sunspray Full truss of pure, true yellow flowers. Attractive bush and foliage.   Early/Mid 1.8m
Waxeye Large frilled white flowers, yellow – green eye. Fragrant. Vigorous. Mid 2m
White Swan Huge perfect trusses of satin white flowers, very showy. Mid 2m


The names used for the Grant and West Coast hybrids are simply for identification purposes as these are not registered.
Grant Hybrids:
Name Description Season Height  
Glenfiddick Colour resembling the famous whisky. Vigorous growth habit. Mid/Late 1.8m
Laura Soft pink waxy textured flowers, yellow in petal centres.
Mid/Late 1.5m
Orchard Road(registered) Soft mauve pink on lobes merging to more pastel in centres. Vigorous Habit Mid/Late 1.8m

West Coast Hybrids: All these plants are dense foliaged and have compact growth habits.

Seaforth Orange Orange/apricot bud opens pale orange, faint pink on outer surface. Mid/Late 1m
Seaforth Salmon Deep salmon flowers. Floriferous plant. Pink/bronze new growth.  Mid/Late 1.2m
Seaforth White Pink edges on white flowers. Floriferous, compact plant. Mid 1.5m
Upright Pink Bright pink flowers in compact conical trusses. Compact plant. Early/Mid 1.5m
Victoria Peach pink on outer petal, almost cream in centres. Red spots upper lobe. Late 1.5m  

Garbutt Hybrids: Plants in this group are registered.

Daphne’s Pearl Large, pure white flowers with inconspicuous green spotting in throat.
 Mid/Late 1.8m
Donald Palmer  Pink buds open to maize yellow ruffled florets in compact trusses. Mid 1m
Jean Leggett Pink buds open white flushed pink around margins. Compact truss. Mid/Late 1.8m
Joan Elder Red buds open to cream flushed red – apricot. Wavy edged lobes. Mid/Late 1m
Sheila McLeod Perfectly shaped round trusses of cream flowers. Dark green, glossy leaves.
Early/Mid 1.5m
Tom Garbutt Pink buds open pink softening to very pale pink with age.

Out of stock!
 Mid 1.5m

Davidson Hybrids
– unregistered
Highlighted Pink Edge Orange buds open soft yellow, deeper in centres, pink petal edges.  Mid/Late 1m  
Marquis of Lothian x decorum Cream with faint pink margins, lime on outer petal surface.
Mid/Late 1.5m
Pamela Anne Soft primrose yellow, compact truss and plant.
Mid 1.2m
Xmas Red Tangerine flowers, compact truss. Needs some shade. Late 1.2m

Large Leafed seedlings: These should produce flowers similar to the named parent.
Cornubia x grande        
falconeri Out of stock!    
falconeri x grande      
Joy Bells      
Milton Hollard      
Some plants listed are in short supply so we cannot guarantee they will still be in stock when you order. Should you want a particular rhododendron that is not on our catalogue don’t hesitate to ask as we may have it in stock.

A selection of deciduous Azaleas also available.



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