Bernie & Joy O'Keefe

Our Garden


Surrounding our house near the nursery, is an extensive tranquil garden. Maples, flowering cherries, cornus and other  trees are interplanted with approximately 1000 rhododendrons. A large pond surrounded by irises and hostas is a feature, as well as being a source of water for irrigation. Roses, peonies, and borders of lavender, heuchera, stachys, alchemilla mollis all add to the overall effect.


Customers to the nursery are welcome to view the garden to assist in making their selection of rhododendrons. (all the rhododendrons in the garden are named).  Group visits must be prearranged, and there is an entry fee of $3 per person.

The rhododendrons are at their best late October through to mid November, but the garden is worth seeing in the Spring and Summer months




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